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Traciot (pronounced "Track-I-O-T") is a fully integrated laboratory telemetry platform, designed from the ground up for flexibility and ease of integration. It serves to provide usage statistics and is a powerful maintenance tool.

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Simple, yet powerful

The system is based upon a clean architecture that allows it to be easily expanded
and new features will be added all the time.

High Level Dashboards

Visualise your whole laboratory or factory with one easy to understand dashboard

Greater Insights

By visualising how your system is being run you will gain insights on how it can be optimised

Advanced Maintenance

By incorporating maintenance schedules with the system telemetry we can provide proactive, preventative maintenance scheme

Plugin Architecture

The plugin architecture allows many different devices to be integrated and visualised from one place

Issue Tracking

By logging system issues in one central location you can keep track of any repeated faults and ensure they are fixed


Let your operators work as Traciot watches your systems and alerts them only when they are needed

Features you'll love

New features are being developed all the time to continually improve Traciot

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions from our customers. For more
information please contact us.


What does it do?

The system integrates with laboratory equipment to provide usage statistics and low-level hardware logging. It combines fault/issue logging and maintenance planning to support field service engineers and minimise failures.


What features does that give us over looking at log files?

Traciot categorises data so that it can be used to review system up-time, throughput, failure rates and makes this information available in graphs and easily understandable figures.


Is there a status dashboard?

Yes; a dashboard provides a useful overview of all of your equipment, detailing current operating state and throughput statistics.


Can I integrate existing systems?

The core functionality can be included in a variety of existing systems and benchtop devices, contact us for more information. It fully integrates with systems from Labman Automation Ltd to provide detailed statistics.


How does it help with maintenance?

By logging individual component usage it allows us to predict failures based on historic data. Maintenance schedules can be created to provide information to field service engineers and in the future Traciot will automatically order spare parts before they are due to fail.


Can it notify an operator when there is a problem?

Yes! You can receive notifications in a variety of forms, see pricing for options. SMS alerts can let an operator continue to work in another lab and get an instant notification when they are needed to attend.

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